Our Mission:

Glorify God by making disciple-makers

Friendship Baptist Church exists for the glory of God. We are a body of men and women who have put our trust in Jesus Christ’s saving work on the cross to rescue us from our sin and its penalty. As believers, we have obeyed the Lord by being baptized, not as a means of being rescued from sin, but as a testimony and picture of what Christ has already done in our hearts and lives.

We seek to bring glory to the name of Jesus by worshipping Him together, building one another up through encouragement and accountability, and through obeying His command to reach our surrounding community and the world with the good news from His word that has so profoundly impacted our lives. As we reach people with this message, we seek to disciple (train) them so that they fully understand the message for themselves, and can then do the same for someone else. We call it making disciple-makers. 

Our ministry on Sundays is traditional in style, and places a great emphasis on the careful, systematic exposition of God’s Word. God is changing our lives through faithful preaching and singing of His truth.